Friday, April 26, 2013

The week of STAAR is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know the students are as excited as we are about being done.  Thank you to all the parents who brought  snacks, especially Sugar Sweet Creations.  Typically sweets aren’t the preferred snack, but this week the yummy creations were gone in a flash. Southwest Family Fellowship also provided the staff with a catered lunch from Rudy’s.  That went pretty fast too. 
It was Administrative Assistant Week and our lovely "Office Ladies" had tasty treats, beautiful flowers, and creative cards - even an animated one from Mrs. Grimm's class, every day.  Mrs. Faulkner's class created a song for them and the students performed right in the front office.  Thanks "Office Ladies" we couldn't do it without you!
 Today was our Prospective Parent Open House.  It is exciting to meet the new parents and students.  Lindsay, thank you for organizing the event.  With STAAR this week, I’m glad that OHE has such wonderful parents that can be trusted to plan such an awesome event. 

Every year, the school practices drills.  Fire drills are monthly, Severe Weather drills are two a year, as well as lockdown drills.  OHE has practiced them all.  However, we haven’t had a lockdown drill since the horrible situation at Sandy Hook, and we need to practice one more before the end of the year.  When we practice lockdown drills, administration announces over the intercom there is an intruder, and we need to lockdown the building.  Teachers have plans for where to go, depending on the location of the intruder.  The staff felt the sensitivity of the topic, warranted parent notification of the lockdown drill.  Please know that we take these seriously, and the safety of our students is most important.  The manner of this drill is similar to our monthly fire drills, it is planned, organized, and everyone knows what to do.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Next week kicks off the 5th Grade Canned Food Drive.  So, clean out your pantries and donate the items to the Austin Capital Food Bank.  There are large boxes in the front hallway.