Friday, April 5, 2013

Well, the first week of STAAR testing is over and I am not sure who is more excited the students or the staff.  The next round will be the week of April 22nd. 
For the next several weeks, our 1st grade Dual Language classes will have mentors from Regents helping them.

Not wanting to sit around and be quiet all day, our PK and 1st graders took off on field trips.  PK went to the Austin Zoo and 1st grade went to the Austin Nature and Science Center.  Obviously, Wednesday was not a good weather day, so PK headed back to campus quickly, but the 1st graders were able to continue with their learning.

Speaking of bad weather.  If you haven’t heard, the annex had a major flood.  Four of the twelve classrooms as well as the hall and gym had standing water Wednesday morning.  The three PK teachers and Mrs. Hamelwright lost lots of personal teaching items like rugs, books, etc.  Unfortunately, the district only replaces district purchased items so they are having to rebuild their rooms.  If you would like to help, just let me know. 
The day after testing is always difficult.  Students really aren’t ready to settle down and focus so teachers try to have fun, interesting things planned.  Fourth grade participated in “Light Up Austin”. Students learned about how Austin receives its energy and how the energy gets into their homes.
Also 5th graders were able to make their instrument selection for orchestra and band next year.  This is a great idea.  I don’t remember being able to try out different instruments when I was that age. Maybe if I would have, I would have participated in band longer than I did.

On Thursday, I had a little help from Ms. Cantu, who won “Principal for the Day” at the Carnival’s Silent Auction.  Below is a blurb about her day.

“I had so  much fun being the Principal of the Day! I realized how hard Dr. Mitchell works to keep this school on track.  I had a great time as the principal. We walked through some class rooms, and we even became a 3rd grade teacher while she ran an errand.  We also walked through classrooms down at the annex.  Did you know if flooded Tuesday?  You should always bid for Principal for the Day because you will have a great time.    - Ms. Cantu”

OHE finished the week with “Hippie Day”.  I just love how students and staff enjoy participating in these Student Council Spirit days. 

The weekend should be a nice.  Hope you have a good one.