Friday, May 3, 2013

Fifth graders Monday got some design pointers from Congressman Lamar Smith who visited the campus to observe a hands-on science project partnering with IBM. The project is part of an initiative to help increase student interest in science created by Sandy Dochen, IBM's manager of corporate citizenship. Using paper, straws, LifeSavers, paper clips, tape and scissors, students constructed small vehicles—some resembling boats, others cars—they then propelled by blowing on their paper sails.  Not only did the students make the front page of Metro and State in the Statesman, but they are also on the tweets below.   The students were engaged and enjoyed the activity.

The 5th graders also went to the Water Science Expo. 

For the first time, OHE is partnering with YMCA.  Our 1st graders are receiving swim lessons.  On day one, each student is tested to determine their swim ability.  Then students are placed in groups accordingly.  The have had lots of fun.

With last week being so busy, I didn't get a chance to appreciate the office staff.  So with the help of volunteers, they were able to go out to lunch.  Below, is one of our incoming kinder students.  Let me tell you, she can run that office.
Don’t forget that we are still collecting cans for our food drive.  Tuesday is the last day.  Our spring book fair begins Monday.  Please stop by.  Lastly, Thursday is Bring Your Mom to School Day.  Hope to see you there.