Friday, January 30, 2015

What a beautiful week.  Guess someone else must be reading my blogs!

Remember how Ms. Grotrain was nominated by a student in her class for the "My Teacher Rocks" contest through Dr. Becher's office?  Well, she came in 2nd place and Dr. Becher was so impressed by the high number of votes that Dr. Becher's staff brought the whole class pizza!
 Our Kindergarten students took a field trip to One World Theater to see Junie B Jones.

 This week our Pre-Kindergarten students were learning about community helpers.  Below is Mr. Kanak, yep Mrs. Kanak's husband, explaining about surgical procedures.
 But it is always great to see that our students want to be like us.
 Earlier this month Mrs. McKinney's Donorschoose Project was funded.  Below you can see students already playing with the equipment.
Students also participated in our annual Science Fair.  There were some amazing projects.  The student below are all moving forward and will compete in the Austin Regional Science Fair.  Good Luck!

Students participated in the  Austin Jazz Workshop.  Although those of us in the office were treated to their music as well.  

All of tomorrow's events were again cancelled, no Fun Run or Student Council Clean-Up.  

Next week Mrs. Baxter will be off campus visiting her new and first grandchild.  Mrs. Horne, who substituted for me when I was out, will be helping us out again.

Next week is also Counselor Appreciation Week.  If you see Ms. Ahumada, please let her know how much she is appreciated.  

Stay dry and see you Monday. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

I don't know about you, but I am ready for the wonderful Texas weather to come back.  Cold and rainy is not conducive to students playing outside.  I think we all have cabin fever!

There were lots of indoor activities with No Name Calling Week.  Check out Ms. Ahumada's blog for more information.

The poster of all our compliments...
 The bag "bad" words...
 This morning we also recognized our winners for the pedometer challenge.  I am not sure what the total was, but we walked hundred of thousands of steps.
 Next week kicks off our first annual Readathon.  This is a district fundraiser that we have selected to participate in.  Ask your child more about the program.  Plus I am sure Ms. Underwood will add information to the Eagle Eye.
During this morning's general PTA meeting, we heard Carrie Contey speak.  She is a nationally know parenting expert and has wonderful suggestions about how to parent children. 

Next week will be a busy week with fieldtrips and Science Fair.  If you have a 3rd - 5th grader, their project were due this past week.  They will be on display Wednesday in the cafeteria.  If you are interested in your child's project being judge for the Austin Regional Science Fair, let your child's teacher know immediately. 

Hopefully the weather improves this weekend, so the students can get outside and play.   Remember that next weekend is our annual CATCH Fun Run and Student Council Clean-up day.  Mark your calendars now.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

A huge thank you goes out to all those that contributed to the staff luncheon today.  The salads were absolutely delicious.

With the weather so poor lately, students haven't been able to play outside.  So today during assembly, Mr. Cumings put on GoNoodle.  The students loved it!  If you don't know what GoNoodle is, ask your child.  They will definitely know.

As part of our SEL curriculum, each month we learn a new word.  This month is Confidence.  Several of our 5th graders this morning, explained what that meant.
Next week begins the OHE's No Name Calling Week.  Each day students will be asked to complete a different tasks.  Check out Ms. Ahumada's blog to learn what each activity is and maybe you could continue them at home.

Don't forget that Monday is a holiday.  See you Tuesday.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome Back!  2015 has gotten off to a great start.  In preparation for our Fun Run, which has been rescheduled for January 31st, each student and staff at OHE received a pedometer.  Students have been tracking their steps all week.  I actually saw a kindergarten student receive 16,000 steps!  Now, if only I could remember to put mine on!  Prizes will be awarded for the most steps, so keep walking.

For the past several years, OHE has had a reward system for good behavior in the cafeteria during lunch.  It had been popcorn.  However, with so many classes earning their Eagle strips in the cafeteria, popping that much popcorn became a problem.  Today, students earned different rewards.  PK and Kindergartners received treats from the treasure box,  1st and 2nd graders earned extra recess time, and the intermediate students were allowed to sit anywhere they wanted in the cafeteria during their lunch.  The students really seemed to enjoy their prizes and hopefully we continue to see outstanding behavior in the cafeteria.

Today was an OHE Student Council Spirit Day: Dress of Success.  There were lots of great costumes.

Many of the after school enrichment programs begin next week like Ballet Folkloric and Hip Hop Dance. 

Remember that when the weather gets bad to pay attention to the news for school closures, late starts or early releases.  School Messenger also sends a call as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  If for some reason, you don't receive a call, please contact the school because that means we don't have the correct phone number for you.

Stay warm and enjoy the cold weather this weekend.