Friday, March 28, 2014

Have you ever heard of the Pebble Project?  You have probably seen them on campus this week and not realized who they were.   The Pebble Project exists to prevent child abuse and neglect by empowering children to contribute to their own safety.   Each second and fourth grade class received a one-hour workshop by Pebble Project staff and trained volunteers. The heart of the workshop consists of three role-play situations.  Each role-play is followed by group discussion about what happened and what feelings and rights were involved. Staff invite the children to brainstorm how to deal with the situations assertively. Each role-play is redone with the child staying safe, strong, and free.  Throughout the program, children are presented with options available to them in dangerous or difficult situations. They learn about their right to say "no" and to tell a trusted adult in order to get help. If you have a second or fourth grader, ask him/her what they learned from the presentation.

Tuesday was our annual Prospective Parent Open House.  About 50 prospective parents participated in the event and stated that is was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the school and the registration process.  Thank you to Lindsay C. and her committee for organizing the event.

Next week begins STAAR testing.  Please remember that visitors will not be allowed on campus Tuesday or Wednesday so that we can maintain a secure, quiet testing environment for all students.  Our 4th grade students are taking the writing test, and the 5th graders will take the math and reading tests.

With spring in the air, students are beginning to push the boundaries on some of the behavior expectations we have at OHE.  Here are a few reminders:  if students are on campus prior to 7:30 they should be in the cafeteria unless they are eating breakfast, a 5th grade helper, in the morning track club, or in tutoring.  All students need to have a book on them to read at all times.  Students are encouraged to read in the cafeteria until 7:30 when they are dismissed for class.

Speaking of 5th grade helpers, how many of you have been helped by one?  One of the kinder walkers, Carlos, does such an amazing job with these students.  This week one of the student's water bottle leaked all over the floor and inside the backpack.  Carlos took the time to not only clean the floor but helped the little boy dry the backpack out.  Another student, Saskia, helped a little girl who had gotten sick by cleaning her clothes and taking her to the nurse.  These 5th graders are a huge help in the morning.  Please tell them thank you when you see them.

Lastly, have you seen the art work displayed in the front hallway?  The pieces were created by some of our kinder and 1st grade students.  We definitely have some future artists on site!

Don't forget Monday at 1:00 is the rescheduled PTA "Birds and Bees" Presentation.  It will be in the cafeteria.

Have a great weekend. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Welcome to Spring!!!  So glad the cold weather is gone!  

We began the week with St. Patrick's Day.  I think this was the first year in decades that we have been in school on this day.  It was a sea of green.  

The second graders went to the Austin Aquarium.  I heard that some of the students were able to touch the fish.  That is very cool!

Half the third graders went to the Ladybird Johnson Wild Flower center this week and saw lots of colorful plants.  The next half goes next week.  

We ended the week with the Student Council Sponsored Movie Night.  It was an "Epic" event!

Next week OHE is hosting a Prospective Parent Meeting.  If you know of incoming students, please make sure their parents know about this meeting.  

Have a great weekend. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Guess there are all kind of ways to start Spring Break, but I am not sure a 'blackout' the last 45 minutes of the day was the best way.  I can't imagine the students didn't say something when they go home, but the electricity here at OHE went out about 2:00.  The building can get pretty dark in places that don't have access to windows, like my office.  I bet the student who was in here with me thinks twice before he/she does something inappropriate again!  We were able to dismiss students on time but buses were very late getting students home and many parents got stuck in all the traffic that backed up.   Please know that someone will always be here until every last student is picked up and dropped off by the buses.  We will not leave any student alone!

Last Saturday the 5th Grade Volleyball team competed at UT.  I heard they did a great job and had lots of fun.

The 3rd graders had their annual "Living Museum".   Students selected individuals from the past or present to research.  The information learned was displayed on a board and students had to present the information to each other.  Many dressed up in costume.  Can you guess who they represent?

This week was Dr. Seuss's Birthday.  During library this week, students listened to many stories written by him.  Today during assembly, one of the Dr. Seuss characters made his annual visit.
Student Council also hosted "Be a Zoologist and bring a stuffed animal to school" day.  There were lots of stuffed animals in the gym this morning.  Some were even bigger than the students.

I hope everyone has a great Spring Break and does something exciting and fun.  See you back here on the 17th.  Anyone know when the last time we had school on St. Patrick's day was?