Thursday, June 12, 2014

After completing a tour for an incoming 1st grader, I was reminded of how different OHE is without students and teachers here.  It isn't a fun place to be without all the excitement.  I also realized last week came and went without me submitting my blog.

The last week of school holds lots of excitement.  The kindergarten team began a new tradition for the students with a "Migration" to the big building.  As the kindergartners walked through the classrooms here in the big building, they were so proud and could barely contain their excitement.

Another tradition started by our outgoing PTA President, is the End-of-Year PTA celebration.  The PTA recognized outgoing parents, Senior Scholarship winners, and outgoing staff.  When I saw all the outgoing parents together, it made me sad.  Both of the PTA presidents while I have been principal here at OHE are leaving.  I give both of them credit for helping the school and PTA to become true partners. One of the families instrumental in changing the landscape at OHE is also leaving as well as one of the moms that pops the monthly popcorn.  These are hard shoes to fill.  It was also great to see the previous OHE students and hear about their accomplishments while in AISD.  I was quite impressed by how involved they had remained in their schools and community over the years.  And of course they said good-bye to Ms. Ferguson.  She had been a teacher here at OHE for 24 years!

Wednesday was an extra special day because that was our 5th grade graduation.  It is always great to see the students so dressed up.  As I shook each student's hand, I congratulated him/her for what they had accomplished here in elementary school and encouraged them to continue to become involved at middle school.  I also reminded them that once an Eagle, always an Eagle and to come back and visit.

Afterwards the 4th grade parents help the 5th graders celebrate by hosting a reception out on the playground. Families and mentors all come out to honor our 5th graders.  
And of course, there are End-of-Year parties for each grade level.  Second graders end their year at Dick Nichols Park.

And if you haven't gone on our website to see the flashmob performed by our No Place for Hate Coalition and the song our music teachers sang to the students the last day, I encourage you to do that as well.

The district is moving to a new report card system.  As most of you know, parents can monitor student grades through Parent Connect (Gradespeed).  That process is now moving to the Cloud.  Usernames and passwords should stay the same but not guaranteed.  So over the summer, make sure you check on your access.

I will be here through the last week of June so if you need anything just send me an email.

Happy Summer and see you on the 22nd for Meet the Teacher.