Friday, December 20, 2013

Did you know that OHE has 4 Lego Robotics teams?  The teams competed last weekend and did very well.
  • Disaster Masters - Coach Mary Kay Becher: Gabe, Nate, Jaxon, Ian B, Jack, Ekamjit, Ryal
    • Research Project Award: Team #6464 | Disaster Masters (1st place)
  • Robotic Wasps - Coach Annemarie Read, Students: Dhruv, Kyle, Jack Ben, Aiden, Arshan, Andrew
    • Research Project Award: Team #6467 | Robotics Wasps (1st place)
  • Techno Bots - Coach Jerome Little, Students: Trey, Remy, Sam, Diego
  • Tornado Mustaches - Coach Jennie Floyd, Students: Ian M, Steven, Shreeja, Joanna, Noor
    • Robot Design & Programming Award: Team #6465 | Tornado Mustaches (1st place)
    • Robot Performance Award: Team #6465 | Tornado Mustaches (3rd place)
Disaster Masters and Tornado Mustaches were invited to the next round of tournaments.  Good luck!

Tuesday, the 5th graders gave an awesome performance.

The Clint Small Middle School Choir, Band, and Orchestra came to OHE demonstrating for students what each organization represents.

On Wednesday, Main Street Theater, out of Houston, came to visit OHE's 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders and performed Hank the Cowdog and the Case of the Missing Cat.  The students enjoyed watching a book come to life on stage with dialogue,props, and songs.

Please enjoy your holiday season, and  I hope that you are able to spend time with family and friends.  We will see you back at OHE January 7, 2014!  Don't forget to mark your calendars for January 11th, which is our annual Fun Run.  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!

Friday, December 13, 2013

We have finally finished our first round of benchmark testing for 3rd - 5th grade students.  It has been a long two weeks for them, especially our 4th graders.  I appreciate their effort.  Teachers are now analyzing all the data and creating plans that will begin after winter break.

Third graders attended the annual performance of the Nutcracker.  I always enjoy seeing the students dress-up for the occasion.

For those that missed the general PTA meeting on Thursday, the presenter, Carrie Contey, was outstanding.  I wish that all the teachers and parents could hear her speak.  Understanding how children behave by knowing how the brain works is a much more effective way to interact with children.  If you ever have the opportunity to hear her speak, go.  It would be worth every penny!  For more information and upcoming events, go to

Next week is our last week prior to winter break.  There will be a 5th grade musical performance Tuesday evening.  Holiday parties start happening Wednesday.  Make sure you know when your child's party is.

Friday, December 6, 2013

OHE celebrated college awareness this week. Outside the door of each classroom hung flyers representing colleges teachers attended.   Each class also selected a college to research and created a banner representing the college.  Here are a few.

Did you know that a group of 3rd graders has organized a book drive?  Each day new facts about literacy are read during morning announcements hoping to encourage students to bring books.  Their goal is 1000 books by December 13th.  Can you support them by bringing in old books?  

This week also began Middle of Year (MOY I) benchmark testing.  4th & 5th graders started this week and will finish next week along with 3rd graders.  

It was also Fall Bookfair Week.  Tuesday night was the family extravaganza. The Student Council sold bracelets and hot chocolate.  Stony's pizza was there for dinner, and we even had a magician.

Steve Farmer, the magician with Sam V.

 I know what is happening to Ms. Smith's arm?

For those that didn't receive a 5:45 wake up call this morning in regards to the delay of school, it might mean we no longer have the correct phone number for you.  You can also receive these announcements in other formats like a text.  To do this go to and under the parent cloud section sign-up for how you would like the district/OHE to notify you of events.  If you need help, call Naomi Sanchez in our office.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!