Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Even in the shortest week of the year, OHE finds ways to bring learning opportunities to our students.

Today is one of my favorite days because everyone wear's their PJs to school - even me.  I'm the one in the back with the UT PJs on, which was very appropriate considering part of  the UT drumline performed during morning assembly.

The drumline helped kick off Book Fair.
 Ms. Ashorn's son is the one in orange pants.

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for each of the students here at OHE and their families.  This community continues to amaze me at its generosity and support for our students. Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 22, 2013

Last weekend OHE hosted a mock Lego Robotics tournament with Baldwin Elementary and Kealing Middle School participating.  Our OHE teams did great.

The 4th graders ventured out the McKinney Roughs.  They experimented with wind, mechanical and solar energy.

Our Pre-Kindergartners took a field trip to Whole Foods.  They observed the meat counter and even tasted veggie chips.

 Our Kindergartners performed to the Alpha Bop.  I didn't know we had so many actors!  Huge thank you to our music teachers and kindergarten team.

Tonight was our second annual Our World, Our School Culture Event.  A special thank you goes to Mrs. Latimer for chairing the event; Ms. Feguson for emceeing, and Mrs. Suggs for helping with the sound.

Nick Classen on the Bagpipes......

 Ben, Jack and Miles demonstrating Mu Sool Won...

Mrs. Simon-Castro and her class doing Zumba...

Brooke, Morgan, Sadie, and Lauren doing the Lambeth Walk..

Annika & Avni dancing to a popular Bollywood song...

Our own Ms. Tobias...

Erin doing ballet....
 Our own Ms. Sheeba...
 UT Arab Folk Dancers....

And of course, our OHE SOARING Eagle Singers....

Again, thank you to everyone that made this night such a huge success.

Did you know that our website was recognized by the Texas PTA and awarded the Gold-Level Award?  It was the only website in Austin recognized. Much thanks to Geeta Suggs, our webmaster for creating such an awesome site.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What a difference a few hours can make in Texas related to the weather. Not sure students were expecting the temperature to drop so drastically on Tuesday! This is a great time to remind everyone to make sure student names are in their outwear like coats, gloves, and hats. Our lost and found is already huge! Please check it to see if your missing items are there. Cooler weather also increases the risk of lice. Please check a previous Eagle Eye for preventative strategies and what can be done if your child gets lice.

Hopefully, you were able to observe all the PTA Reflections projects in the cafeteria early in the week. Over a 100 students participated and many are moving to the city level. Stay posted to see who moves forward to state. 3 OHE students moved forward last year. Congratulations to all of those that participated.

On October 29th, nine fifth graders were selected to participate in the AISD all city choir. They sang with 300 other fifth graders from all over AISD at the Riverbend Centre.. They sang four songs from memory, one in Spanish, one in Latin, one was a folk song, and a jazz number. Kyle, Max, Ben, Akshaya, Leena, Katherine, Natasha, Zahara, and Korinne represented Oak Hill.

Next Friday, November 22nd, is our 2nd Annual Cultural Heritage Event. There will be many countries and cultures represented with booths to explore, food to sample, and performances to watch. At this morning's assembly, two of our OHE students, Annika and Akshaya danced to the Bollywood hit "Nimbooda" as a preview of some of the entertainment that will occur at next week's event.

For those that don't have plans Saturday morning, OHE is hosting our first Lego Robotics mock tournament. The OHE teams have been practicing for months and I am confident they will do well.  Good Luck teams!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thanks to a wonderful Grandmother Donor, the Ft. Worth Opera came to OHE again.  This year’s performance was a combination between the Ugly Duckling and the Big Bad Wolf.  The students were excited, especially when they saw some of their friends part of the opera.  Some of the primary teachers stated that their students had never been to an opera.  Yet, another example of the wonderful opportunities the OHE students experience. 

 Even some of the students were in the play...

 Last night was a spirit night at McDonald's.  OHE had over 100 Happy Meals purchased.  Those in attendance were able to put their name in for a bicycle.  Today, during assembly, Mr. Cumings drew the winner. 

November 22nd, is Our School, Our World culture event.  Parents helped today making passports for the event.  Make sure you mark your calendar so you can attend.

Authors Jon Agee and Loren Long were on campus today presenting to the PK, Kinder and 2nd grade students.  It was amazing to watch a story being told and illustrated at the same time.  If you are interested in purchasing autographed copies of their books, please let Ms. Underwood know.

Thank you to you and to all your wonderful students for submitting works to the PTA Reflections Program this year.  The PTA received over 100 entries related to the theme of "Believe, Dream, Inspire".  All visual graphic works will be displayed in the Oak Hill Elementary Cafeteria from Thursday, November 7 through Wednesday, November 13.  Students will be able to see them during lunches - or when classrooms take tours during their school day.  Parents can view them during lunches and again at the OHE Reflections Award viewing from 5-6 pm on Wednesday, Nov 13.  The Awards Ceremony will be from 6-6:30 pm, Wednesday, November 13, when all the students listed below will receive their award at the ceremony. 

OHE Award of Excellence (1st Place - Advancing):
Dance Choreography
Addison, Primary, Defying Gravity
Akshaya, Intermediate, Jai Ho
Film Production
Sofia, Intermediate, An Eagle Soars
Erin, Intermediate, Love
Emma, Primary, Kate and Sara
Athiel, Intermediate, Dream On
Jimena, Intermediate, Free Kids
Ben, Intermediate, Freedom
Nicholas, Intermediate, Revisions
William, Primary, Violin Beauty 2
Jacob, Intermediate, Football Experience
Ian, Intermediate, The Lonely Grasshopper
Devin, Intermediate, Cats Dream Too!
Visual Arts
Olivia, Primary, Flitasaur Vs Scorpasaur
Emma, Primary, Magical Island
Billy, Primary, Mythical Dragons
Joanna, Intermediate, Dreaming of Being a Ballerina
Vivian-An, Intermediate, Music Around the World
Ethan, Intermediate, Firey Love
Sydney, Intermediate, The Copper Dragon Flight
Kiara, Intermediate, A Swing in the Stars
Lily, Intermediate, Global Dream
OHE Award of Merit (2nd Place)
 Dance Choreography
Amelia, Primary, Girl On Fire
Brooke, Intermediate, Don't Stop Believing
Film Production
Archer, Intermediate, The Ball Game
Brandis, Intermediate, Believe Me
Victor, Austin is a Great Place
Katie, Katie's Reflections
Hazel, Rain
Katherine, Fur Elise
Kai, Primary, Weaver in Flight
Ian, Intermediate, Be Fierce!
Taylor, Intermediate, Pet Photography
Visual Arts
Addison, Primary, When I Grow Up
Emma, Primary, Sunset
Caroline, Nature Things
Alexis, Intermediate, Sayings of Love
Thomas, Intermediate, Dream Paradise
Ian, Intermediate, Fly Me To The Moon
Gabrielle, Intermediate, Keep Calm and Dream, Believe, Inspire
Andrew, Intermediate, Believe
Eliza, Intermediate, The Colors of Life
OHE Honorable Mentions (3rd Place)
Film Production
Kenzie, Intermediate, Reach for the Stars
Leena, Intermediate, When I Grow Up
Ian, Intermediate, Dream, Believe, Inspire
Ali, Intermediate, Soccer Success
Sarah, Intermediate, Become a Gymnast
Jake, Intermediate, Basketball
Dhruv, Intermediate, Soccer
Emma, Primary, School Chickens
Karina, Intermediate, Fall Colors
Brooke, Intermediate, Inspiration in the Mud
Visual Arts
Nell, Primary, Magical Flowers
Torin, Primary, The Ocean
Audrey, Primary, Rainbows
Campbell, Intermediate, Rainmaker
Jack Ben, Intermediate, White Reef
Natasha, Intermediate, Aquamarine Dreams
Taymour, Intermediate, Soccer
Shubham, Intermediate, Dreaming in Technology
Nautica, Intermediate, Rainbow Time
Liah, Intermediate, Believe in Your Dream
Riley, Intermediate, The Exploring Riley

Don’t forget Monday is Veteran’s Day and a holiday for students.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Last Saturday OHE hosted a “Make a Difference Day”.  Lots of volunteers came out.  Some even came from other cities!  What a difference they made.  This is the Outdoor Classroom area.  You probably didn't even know it was back there because the brush was so thick around it. 

Before the volunteers trimmed the brush...
 After the volunteers trimmed the brush!
 This week was   Red Ribbon Week and each day the students recognized the fight against drugs with a different theme each day.  It is always fun to see the students take the themes so seriously. 

Even our teachers took the theme of "favorite book character" to a whole new level.  Can you guess who they are?

 Thursday morning the Soaring Eagles Choir sang pumpkins songs during our early assembly.
Today was our annual Fun Field Day.  It was a perfect day and the students had so much fun.  The format was a little different this year for the older grades, but I heard nothing but praises from the students, staff and the many volunteers that came to help.  Thank you Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Shaw for an active, fun day.

Don't forget that the 5th grade is still collecting for UNICEF.  So if you haven't brought in your Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF containers, you still can.