Monday, June 17, 2013

Just wanted everyone to see that even over the summer there is always something happening at OHE.

It must have flown into one of the soccer nets.  Mrs. Baxter and a parent, Don, freed the owl and it happily flew off. 

OHE has also had a long standing teacher decide to try her skills on another campus.  Mrs. Calabrese has accepted a Kindergarten position at Baranoff Elementary.  She has been an amazing asset to this campus and will definitely be missed. We wish her the best of luck.

With Extend-A-Care on campus and some of the summer campus starting, OHE hasn't been as quiet as normal.  Hope you are having a great summer. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

I can’t believe another year has come and gone.  The school is so quiet without all the chatter of students. 
The last few days was packed with fun activities.  Tuesday, 5th graders celebrated their graduation from elementary school.  I enjoy seeing the students walk across stage to receive their certificates from me.  As they peek around the curtain, you can see the excitement in their faces.  This year, we also said good-bye to one of our 5th grade teachers, Mrs. Wiley.  Lucky for us, she is just leaving the team and not the school.  This is a strong group of students both academically and in their personal development.  I know they will do well next year. 
Students who received all 4s...
 5th graders surprized their parents with a "Gangnam Style Flash Mob" dance....
 Celebrating with previous teachers...
 What a group....

5th graders also decided to create a "Mural" as a way to leave their print at OHE.  There are over 4500 thumb prints on the Class of 2013 Tree.  Each new graduating class will be able to add another tree. A special thanks goes to Ms. Rettig, Karen Mauldin, Heather Sendera, and Geeta Suggs for their dedication and support this project.  

Tuesday is also when most of the End-of-Year parties are held. 

 After school was a Spirit Night at Zoes.  This is a new partner for OHE.  Stop by over the summer and see OHE student art work displayed. 
The 3-Ring Circus is a tradition at OHE.  It is the last day of school and students rotate through 3 different events:  Zumba, Lucas Miller, the science guy, and Roots and Rhythm.  During this time, teachers have extra time in the classrooms to pack.  This happens because of your generosity.
 Even I did Zumba.  Thank goodness Mrs. Claire is a great teacher. 
 Lucas Miller...
 Roots and Rhythm...

I also want to say thank you to those who are helping with the watering over the summer and for those who are feeding the chicks.  If you see my car out front, stop by and say hi! 

I will be out the first two and a half weeks of July.  I’m headed to west Texas for some camping and hiking.  If you need me for anything, just send me an email.  That will be the best way to get in touch with me. 

Have a wonderful and relaxing summer.  See you August 23rd for Meet the Teacher.