Friday, April 19, 2013

OHE spent the week celebrating and getting ready for STAAR. 3rd, 4th and 5th graders take a STAAR test next week. (Remember no visitors on campus Tuesday and Wednesday.) Students spent the week reviewing. Below 5th graders rotated through the teachers reviewing for their science test.

The celebrations were for recognizing our librarians and volunteers.  Students spent the week putting together videos and posters.  Ridley was our OHE Mascot this morning and helped Mr. Cumings with assembly. (Mr. Cumings didn't fit too well in the costume.)
The Soaring Eagle Choir also performed for the volunteers this morning during assembly. 
Afterwards, volunteers were invited to the stage for their certificate and a lifesaver. That is how OHE feel’s about our volunteers.  You are lifesavers!
We also said good-bye to our OHE Counselor, Mrs. Caporal.  She is going to stay home with her three sons.  In her honor, Mrs. Mendrek donated one of our new chicks.  (Mrs. Caporal raises chickens.)  
We’ll miss you, Mrs. Caporal!
Thank you to everyone who helped this week.  Even during Volunteer Appreciation Week, we needed your help.  THANK YOU!