Monday, March 28, 2011

 At the Silent Auction the Carr Family bid on the "Principal for the Day".  Major Carr was the winner and was my shadow for the day.  We walked all of the classes and wrote up observations in two.  We had lunch duty in the cafeteria. We checked on the picture schedule which was really off but it was being handled.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers helping with pictures. 
 Ryan Blaydon won lunch on stage with some of his 2nd grade friends.
 Mr. Carr and I observed Mrs. Mendrek's class in PE.  Mrs. Palmer was teaching students how to perform different gymnastic skills.  Here is one student on the parallel bars.
 Here students climb up the trestle.
 In the background a student is climbing the cargo net.
 They love the rock wall.  Both Mr. Carr and I like the rock wall as well if it was much higher.
 Students can either roll sideways down the tumbling mat or front ways.
 This picture shows students climbing the ropes and stall wall.  The ropes happen to be Mr. Carr's favorite gymnastic activity. 
Finally, Mrs. Palmer helps a student walk across the high balance beam.  This happens to be Mr. Carr's younger brother, Chapell. 

Mr. Carr stated that his favorite part of the day was walking through the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes because the students were all doing so many different and exciting activities.  He said that he didn't realize that I spent so much time walking around all the classes and that 5th grade lunch duty was frustrating because all the fifth graders talked way too much, mainly because he was one of them. It was great having an extra helper.  We had a great day. - Dr. Mitchell and Mr. Carr.

Friday, March 25, 2011

You should have received an AISD parent survey several weeks ago.  If you have not returned the form, please return it next week so we can submit them to the district.

Our spring GT assessments are complete and parents will be notified next week of the results.

If your on campus during lunch next week, our silent auction winners will be eating on stage.  Additionally, the student who won the "Principal for a Day" will shadow me on Monday.  We are both quite excited. 

I hope you are enjoying the updates we are making to the campus.  The front of the building has been painted with updated colors.  No more 70s orange!  Plus flagstone has been added to the flag pole area so students don't have to walk in the mud.  Don't forget tomorrow is OHE clean-up day.  The grounds committee could use lots of support.

Remember there is no Friday assemblies until April 29th.

As I walked through kindergarten this week, I saw some young scientist at work.  Mrs. Polan's class is growing Wisconsin Fast Plants.  Students will observe the life cycle of a seed in less than 40 days!

Friday, March 11, 2011

This week PTA honored the OHE staff for teacher appreciation week.  Each day there were wonderful surprises in the lounge, power drinks, snacks, coffee, yogurt, sandwiches, and today we were given massages.  Additionally, parents volunteered to cover classes while teachers went off campus for an extra long lunch with their team. Thank you for all you support this week.  It was a great treat right before spring break.

Due to gymnastic equipment in the gym, OHE will not have Friday assemblies until April 29th.  At that time, we will get caught up on Eagle of the Day students by announcing two weeks worth of winners per week. Students having birthdays during the week, will be allowed to come to the office each Friday until April 29th to receive their birthday pencil.

Class pictures are March 28th.  I am looking for volunteers to help be runners. If you are interested, please send me an email.  The company usually offers an incentive for helpers.

Third grade students have been working on biographies for several weeks.  Researching information related to a person of their choice.  This week Mrs. Grimm's and Mrs. Lagerquist's classes held their final presentations.  

Today we recognized students who received awards at the Regional Science Fair.  We are so proud of these students.

I hope everyone has a great, safe, and relaxation spring break.  See you on March 21st. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

We had lots of fun at the carnival.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Thanks to all who helped and participated.  It was absolutely a success!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival this past Saturday, February 26, 2011 at the Palmer Events Center.  Our Eagles excelled at this competition. The following is a list of our students and what they earned at the regional science fair: 

Student Name Place Grade Level Name of Project    
Shannon R 2nd 5 Crazy Colors
Mia M 1st 5 Flower Power
Claire P 1st 5 Bubble Mixture Test
Samuel M 2nd 3 Winging It
Sarah L 1st 3 The effect of soil types on the growth of radishes
Wesley E 2nd 5 Poppin' Corn
Terra E 2nd 3 Empty vs. Full
Amber W 2nd 3 All About Chickens
Ian B 2nd 1 How Fire Uses Air to Burn
Ryan B 2nd 2 Angle Shooter
Ian J 2nd 4 Should You Let Your Plants Drink Sodas?
Jace B 2nd 4 The Great Guacamole
Keller K 2nd 4 What a Cat Wants

Congratulations to all our students!