Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Summer!

I hope your family is having a great summer so far.   Before they left school, I challenged all of the students to learn something every day during the summer. They can do this through experiences, by watching something interesting on TV, or reading a book. It doesn't even require them to go anywhere- they can learn something on a walk or by playing with a friend. I look forward to hearing about everything they learn and the places they go to over the summer.

I also hope that you are participating in the Summer reading challenge. You can access the online books through Your password and user id were sent home with your student on a flyer. If you can't find it, their username is S followed by their student ID number (for ex. S1000475) and the password is aisd. You can find their student number on their report card. I just checked the account for our school today and it looks like we have had a lot of people using it. Oak Hill Elementary has logged over 150 hours of reading time and first grade has read over 300 books!  WAY TO GO! I'm super proud! If your student was in PK or K, you can log on too and read to them. It counts.

Check out the amounts below:

Once you read a book from or any other book, be sure you go to the OHE summer reading challenge page to record the number of pages you read. I already finished a book and logged it. You can find the Reading log here:

I hope you all continue to have a wonderful summer. Get some rest, get some exercise for your body and your mind, and have some fun! See you in August!