Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updates from OHE:

Student council campaigning starts next week with speeches on October 8th.

Specific information about Science Fair should be coming towards the end of next week.  There are big changes.  I have requested that science fair become a school wide event!  All students on the campus will participate.  In grades PK- 2nd, students will complete a class project.  Teachers will submit a project from their class.  3rd grade students can complete projects independently or in small groups.  All 4th and 5th graders must complete individual projects.  There will be a training session for parents on October 12th.  Be on the watch for this information next week.

The PTA reflections assignment is due October 11th.  I can't wait to read these.

The Ground Committee has created a proposal for updating the landscaping around the school.  You might see lots of orange ties around the campus.  Trees and scrubs are being trimmed and/or removed, new plants are being planted, and pavers are being laid.

Fieldtrip season has begun.  Please remember that all volunteers need to complete information prior to participating in events.  The website under volunteers has all the information you need to complete.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I have just finished reading one of the new books Ms. Underwood purchased for the OHE library, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate.  It is about a young girl who has become interested in science and with her grandfather's support she begins to observe the world around her.  For any young girl, who is curious about science, this book would be of great interest. It would be a great book for a mother to read with her daughter because it takes place in 1899 so many of the political views of that time are referenced.  

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today the Rotary Club of Austin-Oak Hill presented each 3rd grader with a dictionary, a thesaurus to each 4th grader, and a world atlas to each 5th grader. The rotary club has done this for many years and most of the 5th graders indicated they still had their dictionary and thesaurus. There is even a note to parents in each book explaining the purpose for the books.

Next time you are on campus, please view the art pictures in the main cafeteria. It is absolutely amazing that kindergarteners created such fabulous pieces of work. I don't think I could create such masterpieces! Also, while you are here, look at the drawings done by the 4th graders in the front hallway cabinet. What talented students we have here at OHE and what phenomenal teachers who teach students how to create such pieces of art.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What a great week here at Oak Hill Elementary. We celebrated Constitution Week by having the 5th graders sing the "Constitution Rap" and we also watched a “School House Rock" video about the constitution. Remember the "School House Rock" cartoons on Saturday mornings as kids?

Additionally, this week was CATCH Kick-off. Today many of us came as our favorite athlete. My favorite athlete is my nephew who is a linebacker for the Marble Falls Mustangs. Even though he is only 9, he is still my favorite!

The weather didn't quite cooperate for the Ice Cream Social but we moved it inside and still had lots of fun. Thank you all for participating in the event!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It has always amazed me how one situation causes another and how that impacts future events.  

It was my goal today to leave work by 5:00 and go home and just veg by the TV.  But I didn't, which started the evening's change of events.  When I did leave, there were two teachers standing in the hall.  They were trying to decide if tonight was a PTA meeting.  When I approached them, it made me wonder if maybe I had mixed up my dates.  So we looked at the bulletin board calendar in the main hallway.  According to that calendar, there wasn't a PTA meeting tonight but next week.  However, the calendar did show something for tonight that I thought was next week.  Tonight  was spirit night at Craig O's!  So I made a text to see yet again if I had mixed up the dates and quickly learned I hadn't but that there was a last minute change.  Luckily I didn't have plans so I called my husband to see if he could meet me there for pizza and he could.  Off to Craig O's I went.   I was glad to see that even with the last minute date change, there were several families at Craig O's.  It was like having a big dinner with friends. And next time, I'll make sure my husband has stickers for the kids.  

The next spirit night is the 30th at Chick-Fil-A.  See you there.  

(PS.  Remember that if I mention a situation that involves you or your child(ren) send them to me for a prize out of the treasure box.  There should be lots with this blog!)

Dr. Mitchell

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tomorrow President Obama delivers his "Back to School" speech.  If you would like more information about the speech or how to view it please visit:  Students will be viewing this in classrooms or the cafeterias.

OHE is also celebrating CATCH Kick-Off week.  On Friday, we are encouraging everyone to come dressed like their favorite athlete.  (This could be themselves in their sport uniform.)

The OHE Magazine Fundraiser is underway.   All students had an assembly today to learn more about the fundraiser.  Ask your child about the awesome prizes and what happens if we reach our goal.

Dr. Mitchell

Friday, September 10, 2010

As week three comes to an end, I feel comfortable that things are working smoothly.  I have visited all the homeroom classrooms and have begun to observe special areas as well. Morning assembly, lunches, and dismissal are organized and safe.  Next week, I will try and observe student arrival.  So much to see and such little time!

Both the primary and intermediate Back-to-School Nights had super attendance.  My husband stopped by on Thursday to bring me a diet Dr. Pepper (a must on late nights) and he couldn't believe all the parents and that was just half of you!  I felt the teachers did a great job explaining the structure of their classrooms and providing important information for the upcoming year.  As I walked through classrooms, I wished that I could be in each one.  New principals need a Back-to-School night just for themselves - a crash course in all the wonderful things each teacher does.

As I walked through one of the classrooms, a grandparent stopped me and stated that it was her grandson I had blogged about last week.  She was very excited that I had done that.  So that gave me an idea.  Since my blogs are not a two-way communication tool (and I do want to keep it that way), I don't get much feedback about who actually reads them.  So, starting immediately anytime I write about a situation that involved your child, have your child come see me.  I will have a special gift just for them.  For example, the group of fifth graders who collected the recycling in the teacher's lounge did a great job.  There must have been several containers of magazines.  It probably weighed more than all of the combined! If one these children belongs to you, let them know I blogged about them and to come find me on Monday.  I will have a gift waiting.  Not wanting to leave anyone out, if I have already blogged about your child, send them my way as well.  I'll make sure my treasure box is full!

Have a safe weekend,
Dr. Mitchell

Friday, September 3, 2010

It was another great week here at Oak Hill!  The students are adjusting to the new morning arrival procedures of waiting in the cafeteria everyday and morning assembly today was much smoother - even with the rain.   Eagle of the Day students were recognized as were students with birthdays this week.

My first Principal's Coffee was this morning and almost 40 parents attended.  It was a great opportunity for parents to ask questions and share comments related to Oak Hill.  

The learning happening in the classrooms this week has been quite rigorous.  As I observed a 3rd science lesson, I encounter students using high level science words, working collaboratively with other students, and making connections to previous science lessons in order to define the new vocabulary words.  In a 1st grade classroom, I heard students using the words predicate, which the students informed me meant "the action of the sentence" and noun "the person, place or thing" of the sentence.  During lunch, a 4th grader told me he was writing about his favorite place - the transportation museum in San Antonio!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Dr. Mitchell