Friday, May 31, 2013

First graders at their end of year celebrations.  I heard that teachers could barely move after the tug-of-war contest. 

Choir performed their last performance. Ms. Brown and Ms. Tobias have created an environment where students love to sing.

Second grade had their annual basketball game. Students 18 teachers 12.

Second graders also had their annual talent show. We have many pianist, singers, dancers and tumblers, magicians, and other talents on this campus! It was quite an impressive performance.

We had our first group of Take flight students graduate this week! They completed over 200 hours of intensive reading therapy with Ms. Ashorn.

5th graders attended Reunion Ranch. This another OHE tradition and the students had a great time celebrating their years here at OHE.

About to go in the maze....
 Parents and kids in a basketball game...
 Chilin' in the shade....
 Did you know that three staff members have graduating 5th graders...
 Coming off the zip line....
 What a crew....

We are down to only three days! We are still looking for parent help with our 3 ring circus. For those who are new, students with your help, rotate through three different events while teachers work in their classes.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One of our third graders, Jake, had the wonderful privilege of attending a legislative session.  His job was to hit the gavel when new bills were passed.
Two different grades this week conducted transition meetings for incoming parents. Over the past few years, I've listened as parents share about the stress of leaving kindergarten and entering 1st  grade.  Similarly parents are also concerned about the change from 2nd to 3rd.  Therefore, these teams invited parents and shared learning expectations for the following year.  I think allowing parents to meet the next group of teachers helps to alleviate some of the concerns. Tuesday, many of you volunteered in classes, so that our teachers could attend an on-campus technology training. The teachers enjoyed the training and came back full of ideas.  They are excited about practicing these new techniques and will also use the summer to fine tune the strategies so that next year they will be ready.  It was also great to see you “teach” the students.  
Maybe we will have a few more of you sign –up to be a paid substitute! 

4th graders trained this week on how to be 5th grade helpers next year.  They had lots of fun and were really funny, especially the Kinder walkers.
The baby chicks have reached their new home in the "Candi Caporal Urban Chicken Coop".  Look how much they have grown already.
Let us honor our fallen veterans this Memorial Day and remember the sacrifices that have been made and show thanks for all they have done.

Friday, May 17, 2013

On Saturday, May 11th, eighteen 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students represented OHE at the All-City Music Memory Contest held at Austin High School.  Music Memory is a curriculum of 16 songs studied throughout the school year, representing styles and genres of music throughout the different musical time periods.  Team members attended the contest where they had to identify each of the 16 pieces by title AND composer, while listening to a short excerpt of each piece performed live from stage.  They are truly music identification SUPERSTARS!!!  Congratulations to all our team members for a great job!  3rd grade team: Tallulah, Lucy, Lizbeth, Avery, Adam and Diego.  4th grade team:  Leena, Shreeja, Ethan, Connor, Katelyn and Anya.  5th grade team:  Molly, Kael, Sami, Sam, Miguel, Miranda.  Way to go OHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new group of 1st graders attended swim lessons at the YMCA this week.  The students informed me that swim lessons at the Y should become an OHE tradition!  I think we all agree. 

Tuesday night was the district’s Salute.  This is when we celebrated our Teacher of Promise, Ms. Grotrain, and our Teacher of the Year, Ms. Brown.  We are proud of both these teachers.

PTA celebrate their last general meeting of the year by awarding scholarships to three recipients:  Each of the
students attended OHE.  

 Two teacher lifetime awards were presented for outstanding contributions to OHE and the PTA. Mrs. Wiley....
 and Mrs. Barre
 Rewards were also presented to 5th grade parents who have made significant contributions to the PTA over the years:  Mrs. Levatino

 Mrs. Rose
 Mrs. Peterman
Mrs. Isensee
 Student Council went to the Heritage Assisted Living Center.  It was a wonderful learning experience for our students. They played instruments, shared stories about what they had done this year, and listened to the stories of the residents.
 Afterwards, they came back to school and hosted the Oak Hill Rotary lunch.  Since I have been here at OHE, the Student Council has become very organized and focused on service.  I appreciate all that help make this happen.

Three OHE students advanced from Council to State with their Reflections Projects.  The students will be recognized at a reception next week in the AISD Board Room. 

Brook, Intermediate Dance, "Magic Of The Sunrise";
Daniela, Intermediate Photography, "Love The Magis Of The Light"; and
Ethan, Intermediate Visual Arts, "My First Plane Ride".
I don’t mention this enough, but OHE has the best parents ever.  As if all the gifts and words of appreciation last week weren’t enough, breakfast tacos were provided this week!  This is so thoughtful especially at a time of year when staying focused on school is really hard!  Thanks again parents.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The week began with OHE’s Spring Book Fair, the Story Laboratory. The library, with the help of lots of parents, was converted into a laboratory of books!  Because of your support, there was a great turnout every day. 

Tuesday, was Kinder Round-up.  This is when new students register for next year.  Parents watched a video of what a typical Kindergarten day will look like and also received a tour of the school. 

This year everyone MUST register online.  If you haven’t done this, do it now.  Your child will not be on a class roster without registering.  If you need help, call our registar at 414-5141 and she can help. 

Thursday, OHE celebrated Mother’s Day early by hosting a Bring Your Mom to School Day.  While we host three different events (Dad, Grandparent and Mom), we advertise to the guardians, to the children and to the faculty that all are welcome.  We know that not every child has someone in each of those roles.  It provides us an opportunity to explain to other students that there are lots of different types and ways of being a family here at OHE, and the importance of accepting everyone.  We are very clear that the child may bring whomever they wish that day.  As I walked through classes, the day reminded me of how it takes a community to raise a child.  It was great to see Aunts, Dads, Grandparents and neighbors helping.  Many who participated completed activities with several students in the class.  Some even took other children, not just their own, to the book fair.  Thank you to everyone who helps to make this a special event for all students.  We had about 270 visitors that day!
As I have mentioned in previous blogs, OHE has been raising chicks.  This week we finally received our “Candi Caporal” Urban Chicken Coop!  It. Our school has been a-buzz since it was put in.  Thank you Dyan and Monty for supporting OHE.  We are looking for volunteers to help feed and water the chicks over the summer.  Information should be in the next Eagle Eye if you are interested. 

Some of the students participated in the Lunchbox Kids program in PE.  If you would like more information related to this program, ask Mrs. Palmer. It is board games related to the TEKS.  When students answer incorrectly, there is a physical activity they must complete.

Throughout the week, 5th graders took the canned food collected to the Capital Area Food Bank.  They were able to box food for the families in West.  OHE collected over 1,300 pounds of food!  Creating over 1000 lunches for families.  Way to go OHE!


 Today, 5th graders also listened to author, Nikki Loftin.  She is the author of "The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy".

To top of the entire week, it was Teacher Appreciate Week.  Everyday students were bring gifts to their teachers.  Most classrooms turned into florist shops.  The school smelled and looked great.  A coffee bar was provided one day and desserts another. OHE wouldn't be the place it was, if it wasn't for our awesome parents.  Thank you to everyone!!!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fifth graders Monday got some design pointers from Congressman Lamar Smith who visited the campus to observe a hands-on science project partnering with IBM. The project is part of an initiative to help increase student interest in science created by Sandy Dochen, IBM's manager of corporate citizenship. Using paper, straws, LifeSavers, paper clips, tape and scissors, students constructed small vehicles—some resembling boats, others cars—they then propelled by blowing on their paper sails.  Not only did the students make the front page of Metro and State in the Statesman, but they are also on the tweets below.   The students were engaged and enjoyed the activity.

The 5th graders also went to the Water Science Expo. 

For the first time, OHE is partnering with YMCA.  Our 1st graders are receiving swim lessons.  On day one, each student is tested to determine their swim ability.  Then students are placed in groups accordingly.  The have had lots of fun.

With last week being so busy, I didn't get a chance to appreciate the office staff.  So with the help of volunteers, they were able to go out to lunch.  Below, is one of our incoming kinder students.  Let me tell you, she can run that office.
Don’t forget that we are still collecting cans for our food drive.  Tuesday is the last day.  Our spring book fair begins Monday.  Please stop by.  Lastly, Thursday is Bring Your Mom to School Day.  Hope to see you there.