Friday, April 12, 2013

This week the students who won the Silent Auction Items “Eat Lunch on Stage with Four Friends” received their lunches on stage.  Ms. Pinky, the cafeteria monitor, helped make the lunch special by decorating the tables. 

 Another Silent Auction item, “Lunch with Travis County Sheriff’s Officer Sgt. Mitchell” was also on stage. 
 Over the past few weeks, several teachers in the annex have been incubating chicken eggs.  Well, this week they began to hatch.  I think there was over 20 baby chicks chirping away.  The students had so much fun watching the process and touching the baby chicks.

Fifth grade students took their annual field trip to McKinney Falls.  For the classes that went on the day it didn't rain this week, they hiked about 3 miles through the park.

Several classes have been learning about the life cycle of plants.  There are all types of plants growing throughout the building.  These students are part of Mrs. Hernandez’ class. 
Next week is Volunteer Appreciation Week and National Library Week.  If you see one of our volunteers and/or Librarians make sure you tell them thank you.