Friday, May 2, 2014

Today the following 3rd graders' posters were chosen by La Sertoma.  This project is a tradition for 3rd graders which is aligned to their science TEKS.  Congratulations:  Kiara B, Katie D, Victor G,Eva G, Sarai L, Kelly M, Vivian-A N, Jessica R, Ian S, Sasha T, Olivia T, and Nicole V. We are very proud of you. 

The following students were selected to participated in the district Music Memory contest. Congratulations!
3rd grade team: Kiara B, Eve, G, Campbell G, Sophia M, Dat N, and Ridley O. 
4th grade team:  Tallulah B, Lucy G, Diego L, Aram M, Sam V, and Hazel W.    
5th grade team:  Alanna A, Ethan C, Leena J, Visahn N, Gabrielle P, and Anya T.                              
During assembly this morning, we honored the OHE amazing volunteers.  Students and Staff were asked questions like, "What is a Volunteer?", "How much money do Volunteers earn?", "What do the Volunteers do at OHE?" and "What would your job be like without Volunteers?" There were some amazing answers, which I quite agree with.  The video is posted on below and on our youtube channel, just in case you can't see it.  It is worth watching.  

Today was also the last Principal's Coffee for the year.  The topic of conversation was "Students and Social Media."   If you would like more information, please refer to the following sites.