Friday, May 16, 2014

Can you believe we only have 2 Fridays left of school?!  

This year's student council celebrated their accomplishments for the year Monday.   They completed their last service activity by visiting Querencia Retirement Home and then returning to campus to feast on pizza.  I am proud of our Student Council.  They learn so much about the concept of giving.  Also thank you to the Oak Hill Rotary who partners with the student group and leads them through the year. 

Track club has been rained out many times this year and again on the last day.  But that didn't stop the students from honoring Mrs. Palmer.  Thank you Mrs. Palmer and the other parent volunteers for supporting this program.  I know I cherished my dots for each round I completed. 

Our kindergarten students took a field trip to the Crowe's Nest and had lots of fun.  

As you know, OHE has a wonderful volunteer based reading program for our 1st and 2nd grade students.  Today they graduated.

Soaring 2013-2014
I volunteer in the program also and have learned so much about struggling readers and how to help them.  If you are looking for a way to volunteer next year, this is an excellent way.  Plus you immediately receive the benefits because the student you mentor loves working with you.  If you would like to know more about the program and how it supports our students, here is a video about our program.

For the past several years, two parents have really helped shape, organize and recruit for our SOARING program, Bridget Brown and Kelly Woytek.  Kelly is leaving us next for bigger students.  She was presented with a lab coat with her name on it "Dr. Kelly Woytek". She will be teaching "Viruses" at Texas State in the Fall. And thus ending her 4+ years of heading up Reading Rangers. Thank you Bridget and Kelly!

Tomorrow the OHE Music Memory Team has their competition . I wish them the best of luck.  

Also, it is that time of year that OHE begins collecting books for our summer "Drop and Swap".  Bring in your read books for a new book to read.