Friday, May 23, 2014

On Monday about 60 5th grade Library Club members  and all of the 1st grade classes met for their final Reading Buddy Day. They celebrated with a Beach Blanket Read-O where they took some of their favorite books and their beach towels out to the black top and enjoyed some time reading together. This reading buddy group has met almost once a month this year. At each meeting, small groups gather and share books while they get to know each other. It is great to see the relationships grow as they share a love of reading!
The Library Club members have done a great job this year helping in the library. They have earned points throughout the year by checking their assigned shelf making it neat and displaying books to catch students' interest, helped students in the library find books, ran errands for Ms. Underwood, monitored the hall (and modeled appropriate behavior) during the Pledge and Moment of Silence, and helped during Book Fair. They have been a great group of kids, and they are looking forward to their end of the year celebration next week!

 On Tuesday, Bernadette Nason, was a storyteller on campus.  One 5th grade student described her as "epic".  I learned that means way cool.
 Also on Tuesday, an OHE parent has made it a tradition to celebrate staff members that have been at OHE for 25+ years.  This year we celebrated Mrs. Lynch and Mrs. Faulkner. I think together they had over 50 years of OHE experience!
On Wednesday, Nic a 5th grader, received his Silent Auction Item and ate on stage with Sgt. Mitchell.  He and his friend had lots of fun asking Sgt. Mitchell questions.
 Nic also received another one of his Silent Auction Items on Friday as Principal for the Day.  Here is what he had to say about the experience. "It is fun to be principal for the day. Plus, Dr. Mitchell is  the most awesome principal I have ever seen. Plus, the cafeteria was exhausting with so many questions to be answered by all the kids!"

Thursday evening, we had 5 of our Take Flight students Graduate from the program.  These students have been attending sessions everyday for 2 years!  What an accomplishment!  Plus, a huge thank you to Ms. Ashorn and Mrs. Moody for teaching the program.

Did you know that Mary, the Cafeteria Manger has retired?  Bill, the person who has been substituting while Mary was out, has accepted the position and will be the new Cafeteria Manger.  Please give him a huge OHE welcome the next time you see him.

Did you see the news crew on campus again?  Our gardens are getting lots of press.  This time is was with Mr. Cumings and our Gardening Club.  I'll let you know the air date once we know.

Last week I mentioned that our Music Memory team would be competing on Saturday.  They did great.  Of the 18 team members, we had about 5 perfect scores and lots of 2nd and 3rd place winners.

For those that haven't heard, I will be out for part of the week.  Demetrie and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary.  Helping Mrs. Baxter while I am out will be Mrs. Nowakowski-Grimm.  She has been working on her Principal Certification all year and this will give her some great hands-on experience.  (Don't give her too much trouble :))