Friday, May 30, 2014

Tiny Tails To You! Petting Zoo made it to the Annex Cafeteria on Tuesday, even after some heavy rains. Pre-K students had a fun time petting small animals such as: bunnies, chicks, guinea pigs, hedge hogs, a blue tongue skink, bearded dragon and a chinchilla. Some animals were so cozy and soothed by gentle hands, that they fell asleep. Even Mrs. Gerber hopped right in with the fun but chose to stick with the soft fuzzier animals.


Ms. Underwood celebrated with students who helped out in the library this year. They ate lunch and watched "How to Train a Dragon" while eating popcorn and cookies.  

Fourth grade performed their western on Thursday. It was a full house at the OHE Corral. Students sang songs about heading West by horse and wagon, locomotive, and steamboat- in search of gold!  They struck it rich with Ms. Brown and Ms. Tobias leading the way!

The afternoon ended with an exciting basketball game (silent auction donation from 2nd grade) between Second Graders, called the "OHE Super Eagles" and the Second Grade Teachers. Coach Shaw led his team to victory.  Great fun was had by all!

Last night was also the AISD Salute - Teacher of the Year Celebration at the Long Center.  Mrs. Steinle, OHE Teacher of the Year; Mr. Gerber, OHE Teacher of Promise, and Mrs. McGregor, OHE Teacher Assistant of the Year were all recognized at the event.

It was an exciting morning at the assembly today with a surprise Flash Mob performance by our No Place For Hate Coalition.

Check out the video below (or on our youtube channel):

Did you know that classes can adopt the chickens for a week and they get to keep the eggs!  This week was Ms. Grotrian's class. Typically, a class receives between 12-14 eggs per week.  The students have named the chickens.  The one with feathers on her feet is Chirp, and she lays green eggs.  Maggie also has feathers on her feet but doesn't lay green eggs.  Tiny is the smallest and lays the smallest eggs.  The class celebrated today with french toast.  

Today after the assembly, was another OHE tradition, the 2nd grade talent show. Many students showed their talents from singing, doing karate, performing a song with sign language, doing gymnastics, telling jokes, playing instruments, dancing and even showing us some magic tricks. These kids are very talented and brave. It is hard to get up in front of a crowd.

A special thank you to Mrs. Nowakowski-Grimm, who filled in as an Administrator this week. You will see her again in the office next week helping while Mrs. Baxter is out.

And yes, it is the last week.  Can't believe another year has gone by.  There are still some teachers that need parents to help for 3 Ring Circus.  Touch base with your teacher if you can help or sign up here. We'd love help anywhere as some classes are in more need than others! Thank you.