Thursday, May 23, 2013

One of our third graders, Jake, had the wonderful privilege of attending a legislative session.  His job was to hit the gavel when new bills were passed.
Two different grades this week conducted transition meetings for incoming parents. Over the past few years, I've listened as parents share about the stress of leaving kindergarten and entering 1st  grade.  Similarly parents are also concerned about the change from 2nd to 3rd.  Therefore, these teams invited parents and shared learning expectations for the following year.  I think allowing parents to meet the next group of teachers helps to alleviate some of the concerns. Tuesday, many of you volunteered in classes, so that our teachers could attend an on-campus technology training. The teachers enjoyed the training and came back full of ideas.  They are excited about practicing these new techniques and will also use the summer to fine tune the strategies so that next year they will be ready.  It was also great to see you “teach” the students.  
Maybe we will have a few more of you sign –up to be a paid substitute! 

4th graders trained this week on how to be 5th grade helpers next year.  They had lots of fun and were really funny, especially the Kinder walkers.
The baby chicks have reached their new home in the "Candi Caporal Urban Chicken Coop".  Look how much they have grown already.
Let us honor our fallen veterans this Memorial Day and remember the sacrifices that have been made and show thanks for all they have done.