Monday, September 20, 2010

Today the Rotary Club of Austin-Oak Hill presented each 3rd grader with a dictionary, a thesaurus to each 4th grader, and a world atlas to each 5th grader. The rotary club has done this for many years and most of the 5th graders indicated they still had their dictionary and thesaurus. There is even a note to parents in each book explaining the purpose for the books.

Next time you are on campus, please view the art pictures in the main cafeteria. It is absolutely amazing that kindergarteners created such fabulous pieces of work. I don't think I could create such masterpieces! Also, while you are here, look at the drawings done by the 4th graders in the front hallway cabinet. What talented students we have here at OHE and what phenomenal teachers who teach students how to create such pieces of art.