Friday, September 10, 2010

As week three comes to an end, I feel comfortable that things are working smoothly.  I have visited all the homeroom classrooms and have begun to observe special areas as well. Morning assembly, lunches, and dismissal are organized and safe.  Next week, I will try and observe student arrival.  So much to see and such little time!

Both the primary and intermediate Back-to-School Nights had super attendance.  My husband stopped by on Thursday to bring me a diet Dr. Pepper (a must on late nights) and he couldn't believe all the parents and that was just half of you!  I felt the teachers did a great job explaining the structure of their classrooms and providing important information for the upcoming year.  As I walked through classrooms, I wished that I could be in each one.  New principals need a Back-to-School night just for themselves - a crash course in all the wonderful things each teacher does.

As I walked through one of the classrooms, a grandparent stopped me and stated that it was her grandson I had blogged about last week.  She was very excited that I had done that.  So that gave me an idea.  Since my blogs are not a two-way communication tool (and I do want to keep it that way), I don't get much feedback about who actually reads them.  So, starting immediately anytime I write about a situation that involved your child, have your child come see me.  I will have a special gift just for them.  For example, the group of fifth graders who collected the recycling in the teacher's lounge did a great job.  There must have been several containers of magazines.  It probably weighed more than all of the combined! If one these children belongs to you, let them know I blogged about them and to come find me on Monday.  I will have a gift waiting.  Not wanting to leave anyone out, if I have already blogged about your child, send them my way as well.  I'll make sure my treasure box is full!

Have a safe weekend,
Dr. Mitchell