Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It has always amazed me how one situation causes another and how that impacts future events.  

It was my goal today to leave work by 5:00 and go home and just veg by the TV.  But I didn't, which started the evening's change of events.  When I did leave, there were two teachers standing in the hall.  They were trying to decide if tonight was a PTA meeting.  When I approached them, it made me wonder if maybe I had mixed up my dates.  So we looked at the bulletin board calendar in the main hallway.  According to that calendar, there wasn't a PTA meeting tonight but next week.  However, the calendar did show something for tonight that I thought was next week.  Tonight  was spirit night at Craig O's!  So I made a text to see yet again if I had mixed up the dates and quickly learned I hadn't but that there was a last minute change.  Luckily I didn't have plans so I called my husband to see if he could meet me there for pizza and he could.  Off to Craig O's I went.   I was glad to see that even with the last minute date change, there were several families at Craig O's.  It was like having a big dinner with friends. And next time, I'll make sure my husband has stickers for the kids.  

The next spirit night is the 30th at Chick-Fil-A.  See you there.  

(PS.  Remember that if I mention a situation that involves you or your child(ren) send them to me for a prize out of the treasure box.  There should be lots with this blog!)

Dr. Mitchell