Friday, May 6, 2016

Principal of the Day!

Hi I am Jameson, and I was the principal for the day last week on Friday! I loved getting to walk around and greet people and it was fun when I got to hand out Eagle of the day bracelets and birthday pencils!

Some people asked me how I got to do the job. Well, on the day of the carnival I signed a form that if I was lucky enough I would win, and be the principal of Oak Hill for a day. A couple of days later my mom came home from work and said “Jameson, you won! You’re going to be principal!!!!!” My first thought was that I would get to see my sister, Sophie, in her class and maybe call her down to the principal’s office.

 I also met with Mrs. Komassa, and we decided I could make recess five minutes longer for everyone!

When I was principal, I got to see lots of great things. I got to introduce everyone at the Soaring Eagle Singers performance. They did a great job at the last concert of the year. My favorite song was “I’ve Got a Feeling.”

When we walked around classrooms I noticed that the kids were behaving, doing their work, and paying attention. I saw kids playing chess and thinking really hard. In kindergarten, kids were reading fairy tales about the little red hen and then the kids went and did their own story with mixed up fairy tales. In Ms. Kanak’s class, they were doing centers in their class because it was raining that day.

My favorite part of the day was when me and Ms.Geeta filled the candy stash with CANDY!!!!!! That was chocolate!!!

From Ms. Komassa: It was great having a shadow for the day and sharing with Jameson the job of a principal. He was so eager to walk around and shake hands and to go visit all the classrooms. While he didn't have recess himself, he was certainly the hero of the day by giving extra recess to the school. He did a great job as the principal of the day, but I think he decided he'd rather be a kid for a while longer- I certainly can't blame him for that.