Sunday, September 27, 2015

Student Council elections were held this week. The students that ran for office did a wonderful job presenting their speeches.  I was so impressed with how they stood in front of their peers and told them why they wanted to be an officer and why the students should vote for them. It takes a lot of courage to talk in front of others. They should be so proud of themselves!

On Friday, during assembly, Oscar the Grouch reminded the students about how they can help the environment by composting at lunch time. Mr. Cumings and I did our best Oscar the Grouch impressions to help the students be earth friendly and compost their food and milk cartons and throwing all plastic containers and bags in the trash can.  We will continue to remind the students periodically to help Oak Hill be earth friendly and to help our trash lines at lunch time go a bit faster. 

Time is flying! This week, we are closing out the month of September and looking ahead to the many wonderful activities that October will bring. I can't wait!