Friday, May 1, 2015


STAAR date: Zero five, zero one, one five; T plus five days past test week.

Hey y’all! It’s Mr. Cumings sitting in for the principal’s blog. I heard there were guest authors so I volunteered to step in and take a swing at it.

Speaking of volunteers, today was a great day for recognizing our fantastic army of volunteers. The stage steps were full from stage right to stage left with our incredible volunteers. So much that happens here at OHE is due to volunteers and It’s hard to imagine what it would be like around here without seeing them. The first grade honored them with an astounding acrostic poem spelling out everything a volunteer means to them. Way to go first grade! I even heard some goof ball teacher sang a song about the volunteers, to a tune that is way out of season. Which he was reminded in class was not a Christmas song and shouldn’t have been used for this time of year. Oh well, the syllables matched up and Ms. Brown knew the music, it was a win/win. Thanks again volunteers, we really couldn’t do it without you and we hope  you enjoyed your breakfast.

It’s been a week without Dr. Mitchell and things seem to be flowing okay. Hopefully we will know about the new principal soon. I saw that the School board approved a bunch of new principals at the last board meeting and I bet our candidate will be up for approval at the next one. The school board meets the fourth Monday of the month and this month that looks like Memorial day. Sooooo…. maybe they won’t be meeting that day. I’m sure someone more important than me knows when we’ll find out. Until then, let the suspense increase.

Book fair starts next week on Monday, Star Wars day (may the fourth be with you). Kids can start shopping before class with permission from their teacher and folks are welcome after school until 3:30, but students must be with a parent or guardian. This spring’s theme is Under the Sea, so drop by and “shell” out some “clams” and support the library. If you cannot make those daytime hours, family night is Tuesday from 5:30 to 7 o’clock.  There will be a performance of OHE’s very own outstanding Ballet Folklorico at 6 o’clock in the cafeteria. The spring book fair is a quickie though, so get your purchases early. The fair rolls up its towel and heads inside after the last lunch on Thursday. So, head on down to the book fair this week! Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Well, I guess I have rambled on enough (I was only supposed to write a paragraph).  I’ve enjoyed writing this principal’s blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. 

Have a great weekend everybody, and I’ll see ya’ in the halls.

Mr. Cumings