Tuesday, May 26, 2015


As I walk down the hall, the anticipation of summer is in the air. Actually, when the bell rings on Monday, we have 3,360 minutes until summer. Sound like a long time? How many hours is that? My classroom is the last class, at the end of the hall, so I get the privilege of seeing and hearing the awesome, creative teaching taking place, even as the year winds down.The end of school brings wonderful experiences and long awaited endings for our OHE students.

Several OHE students' journey came to a successful end. Proudly, Ms. Ashorn and Mrs. Moody hosted the Take Flight Graduation ceremony on Wednesday, May 20th. We were surprised by a visit from our former principal, Dr. Cathryn Mitchell. Each student gave a moving speech thanking the people who helped them along the way. These students have acquired a love of reading, and we are so happy to share in their triumph! 

My class had some special instructors on Friday. A+ Federal Credit Union conducted an interactive, financial literacy lesson. Students' learned the value of saving, the difference between a bank and a credit union, and how to make spending decisions. The lesson ended with a group activity, allowing students to make budget choices involving necessities, savings, and fun. A+ will be back next year with the Green Apple Club. Thank you A+ for supporting learning at OHE!