Friday, February 21, 2014

We began the week with our first "Bring Your Family to School Day" on Tuesday.  This was an opportunity for family members to come and observe what happens here at school or at least first thing in the morning.  We would love for this to be an all day event but just can't figure out the logistics for allowing that to happen.  Over 256 family member visited on Tuesday showing their support to OHE!  Thank you.

Wednesday afternoon at Palmer Events Center for the Austin Energy students explained their projects in detail on camera.   It was Brooke, Devin, Sarah and Ethan.

This morning the Soaring Eagles performed two songs in honor of Black History Month.  They did a wonderful job and the students in the audience were dancing along with the beat.

If you don't have plans for tomorrow morning, remember we are having our annual pancake breakfast at Applebees starting at 8:00.  You can buy tickets at the door.

Also, next Friday is our annual PTA Carnival.  I've heard there are some new events - don't miss it!