Friday, February 28, 2014

I realize that lice is a topic most of us don't like to discuss.  Unfortunately, it is a common experience for schools.  Monday afternoon the "Fairy Lice Mothers" were here to help explain preventative measures and what to do if you have lice.  Know that lice isn't something that just happens to students adults can get them too.  I got them years ago during my first principalship, and I know of several teachers that have had them too.  So we all take this topic very seriously, Mrs. Gerber even volunteered to have the method demonstrated on her.
The intermediate students have been taking benchmark tests this week.  I have been proud of their hard work.  4th graders have one more next week.  I know the teachers have already analyzed the results and are in the process of creating new plans for the students to ensure they are ready for STAAR.

The 1st graders had their annual musical this morning.  There were lots of sheep, pigs, cows, goats, and ducks.  They did a great job singing and telling jokes.

Also today was "Mix it up day" in the cafeteria.  Student Council gave each student a colored dot that corresponded with a sign on the table.  Students sat with other students in their grade level.  It was fun walking through the cafeteria listening to the students introduce themselves to other students.
And of course we finished the week with our annual carnival.  Special thanks to PTA President Anne Marie, below in the yellow mustache.  

Also thanks goes out to Angela G., who organized the carnival and D'Ann W., who ran the Silent Auction.  This is our biggest fundraiser and it was another huge success.

 A new event this year - the Quad Bungee Jump.
 Lots more food trucks.

 Another new event...Home Depot.
 The mechanical bull was also new.

 The disco lounge.

 Future Eagle?
Come on Brooke you can do it!
Again thanks to the hundreds of volunteers that support this event by helping work the booths, creating items for silent auction, and by bringing snacks to sale.  It takes this entire school community to create such an amazing event.  THANK YOU!!!