Friday, February 14, 2014

Can you believe all this crazy winter weather?  I can't keep track - 3 school cancellations and 3 late starts?  Hopefully, there won't be anymore.  Remember that there is school Monday.  That is our first bad weather make-up day.

Here are some things that have happened over the past two weeks.  During "No Name Calling Week", students participated in many different activities like giving compliments and throwing away "bad words". The "No Place for Hate" Student Coalition took all the compliments and posted them in the cafeteria.

During assembly this morning, staff reminded students about our annual Applebees breakfast next Saturday.  This is a great family event where teachers get to serve you breakfast.  Get your tickets now.

 As if there wasn't enough excitement today with it being Valentine's Day, it was also crazy hair day.  Can you imagine wearing those flowers in your hair all day?!

Here is Mrs. Bentley's class celebrating.  It must have been after all the craziness because they seem pretty calm.
 Even Mrs. Marin was able to participate during her daughter's Valentine Party.

Enjoy the great weather this weekend and remember that carnival is right around the corner on February 28th.