Friday, September 20, 2013

Since the rain is coming down while I write this blog, I’ll take the time to remind you about the importance of raincoats, boots, and/or umbrellas.  There are many times throughout the day students might walk in the rain.  Loading the buses is definitely one of them.  Keeping a little rain poncho in the backpack is a great idea. 

Along with all the wonderful rain, we have also been transitioning two new teachers to OHE.  Karen Spruce is our new 5th grade teacher.  She is coming to us from Barringtion Elementary where she taught 5th grade math.  Prior to that, she taught 4th grade math and science.  She will be part of our new 3-way rotation with Ms. Osio and Mrs. Petty.  Her 5th grade class starts Monday. Denise Reynoso is our new 2nd grade teacher.  She is coming to us from Lucy Read where she just began teaching Pre-kindergarten.  2nd grade letters will go out Monday letting families know of the new position and identifying which students will be in the class.  Her class will begin on Wednesday. 

It is that time of year for PTA Reflections. This is typically not a required activity for most  students, but students are highly encourage to participate.  The theme this year is Dream, Believe, Inspire and the students can do a multitude of different projects types. Check out this link for more information, .

Some of the classes held Student Council representative elections this week other classes will complete them next week. From  those representatives elected in class, the officer candidates will be found.  Student council is a great asset to our school.  We encourage students to participate.

We also finished our “Celebrate Freedom Week”.  Each day during morning announcements, Mr. Cumings would read important facts related to our US Constitution.  We ended the week with the 5th graders singing a song related to the constitution.