Friday, September 13, 2013

Many of the grade levels are using a new technology program, Class Dojo, as a way to encourage students to work and participate in class. Some grades like 4th grade are using it to determine the Personal Development grades on report cards. Additionally, emails can be sent to parents immediately as to how a student is doing in class. Below is an example of Mrs. Faulkner using the program as her class worked on a writing assignment.
Last year, OHE implemented to the of “Peace Areas” in the classrooms. This is a place students can go to work out problems, to calm themselves down, and/or to just have a quiet place. Below is an example from Mrs. Hernandez’ class.
In Ms. Grotrian’s class, students are recording information related to their class Read Alouds. This is a great way to analyze the literature being read.

We had a great visit with author Rebecca Janni who shared her writing process, her latest story, and a few songs. What fun having Ms. Brown up there singing with her! Mrs. Janni left extra autographed copies at our library for people to purchase. If you are interested, please let Ms. Underwood know.

Next week starts the Beginning of the Year (BOY) assessments for the primary grades. Make sure you ask your teachers about the results from the test.

Also for those of you new to my blog, I give special treats for students I mention or show a picture of in the blog. They just need to come to my office to receive it.

Have a great weekend!