Friday, November 16, 2012

Last Saturday at the UT game, OHE was recognized as the KAB HEB Coca  Cola Recycling Rookie of the Year. The Gardening club received a $250 grant. Mr. Cumings and Brandis represented OHE and the Gardening club during a pre-game ceremony.
Mr. Cumings and Brandis are down on the end proudfully wearing their OHE shirt in the mist of all that orange. 
Even though Monday was a student holiday, Girl Scout Troop 2217 contributed to OHE by picking up trash around the school.  Thank you Troop 2217!
First and Second graders had the opportunity to watch theater students from Bowie High School.  The Alphabet Adventure was performed for the 1st graders, and the 2nd graders watched Oz.  The Bowie students gave a fabulous performance!  Thank you, Bowie!

Tuesday night, AISD hosted the State of the District Address.  The event showcased bands, cheerleaders, dance teams, ROTCs, and more from all the middle and high schools.  Elementary students who were part of the All City Choir and/or made all As and 4s while having perfect attendance last year were also recognized.  Below is a picture of OHE’s All City Choir Students.

It was amazing to see all the schools come together and perform. 
Tonight we celebrate our First “Our World, Our School” event.  It was a time to learn and celebrate the different cultures that make-up the community here at OHE.  There was dancing, singing, and food!  Thank you to Mrs. Coleman and her team for organizing such an amazing event. 

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, we start assessing our 3rd – 5th grade students on round one of Middle of the Year (MOY I) benchmarks.  These assessments with cover reading and math for each grade level, science for both 4th and 5th grades, and writing for 4th.  We try to make these as similar to the STAAR as possible so that students will be prepared, especially the 3rd graders since it will be their first time. Please check the website to know the exact dates the test will be given this year.
Remember that next week is just a two day week.  We have assembly on Tuesday and we come all wearing our PJs!  Another one of OHE's great traditions.  Have a great weekend, and I hope you don't get stuck in all the "race" traffic.