Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I know each week I say, "How in the world do we fit so much into one week!"  But this was just a two day week, and yet it was packed with excitement.

The first graders gave two performances for their Thanksgiving Muscial.  They did a great job memorizing lines and singing songs.  The students in our Dual Language classes even gave their lines in Spanish! 

To kick-off bookfair when we returned, the students had a special treat.  The UT drumline performed!  Wow, what a show.  The students and staff (especially Mrs. Faulkner) were so excited.  There was dancing all around the cafeteria. 
A huge "shout out" goes to Ms. Ashorn who helped organize the event.  (Her son is one of the drummers.)
It was also our annual PJ day.  Have you begun to notice OHE has lots of traditions?  Those traditions definitely make it a fun place to work.
Mrs. Grimm's class hosted a Writer's Coffee this morning for their parents.  Students read their stories in front of their parents just like in a real coffee house.
Another tradition we celebrate the day before Thanksgiving, is PTA "Pies for Teachers".  OHE is so blessed to have parents that continoulsy think about us and are so supportive!  Everyone here at OHE wishes each of you a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.  I selected a pumpkin pie and can't wait to have a slice.

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Don't forget Monday is Grandparents Day.