Friday, November 2, 2012

I am not sure how one school can fit so much into one week but we did especially our 5th graders.

The week began with OHE’s 5th grade All City Choir students performing at Choralfest. I heard it was an amazing experience and the singers did a great job too.

5th graders also participated in a presentation from the Magnet Middle Schools and learned what each school has to offer.  5th graders can either attend 6th grade at their assigned Middle School or if selected they can attend a magnet school.

Then on Wednesday, Mrs. Wiley’s class performed a dance to Thriller.  This same dance will also be performed by many students and staff district wide at the State of the District Address on November 13th.   
After their performance, Ms. Brown led the students and teachers in our annual Monster Mash dance. 
An annual tradition with 4th grade students, is to demonstrate Trick-o-Treating Safety tips to the younger students. 

Also on Wednesday, obviously trying to get some learning accomplished on Halloween,  5th graders made Flubber.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more the students or the parent helpers.

5th graders also started their annual fundraiser for UNICEF.  The goal is to collect $1600.  In just one day,a  third of the money was already collected.  I heard of a second grader who actually chose not to Trick-o-Treat for candy but for UNICEF and collect over $60.  What an awesome idea.

Throughout the week, classes have been learning about different cultures and events.  The first graders learned about Dia de los muertos – or Day of the Dead.  The students created an alter with pictures of loved ones as well as cookies, skulls and pictures.  Stop by the library or a 1st grade class if you would like to see it.

As I mentioned earlier, teachers did try to get some learning in this week.  When time was available classes discussed the upcoming election.  Students read about the different races and what the candidates stood for regarding things such as healthcare, war, and education.  Today, students voted for president and a few other races.  The younger students voted as a class while the intermediate students each were able to cast a vote.

Today as if we didn’t have enough  happening all week was Fun Field Day.  It was actually a great day for this and a wonderful way to end the week.  Thank you Mrs. Keller-Bergh and Mrs. Palmer for organizing the event and to all the parent helpers.

As you can see, this was a busy week and students who had great behavior in the cafeteria last month also recieved a special treat.

We are all glad to have an extra hour of sleep this weekend.  Don’t forget to set your clocks back on Saturday.