Wednesday, November 10, 2010

 Aren't we glad Fun Field Day was changed!  These two days have been perfect.  Fun Field Days here at OHE are designed around CATCH.  Students played "Climb on Top of Your Stress", "Vitamin Booster" like in the picture above.  Below, the students are playing "Nutrition Shopping", while others played "Hop to Good Health", and Blood Carries the Nutrients". 
 Using big foot walkers,  the students practiced how their "Heart and Lungs Work Together".
 Also last night, students who participated in the PTA Reflections project were presented their awards.  I was very impressed with the creativity of all the projects.  I am sure some of our students will win at the next level as well.
In addition to everything else happening yesterday, I saw many of you at Craig O's for Spirit Night.  Thank you all for supporting Oak Hill in such a variety of ways.  If it wasn't for all our volunteers, Fun Field Day, Reflections, and Spirit Nights wouldn't be successful.  Thank you!