Monday, November 22, 2010

Last week was a very busy week here at OHE, which is why I forgot so blog.  Luckily, my mom reminded me this weekend.  She thinks we are doing really great things here at OHE.

We had our first school-wide science fair.  Student participation was excellent.  Individuals, groups, and class projects were submitted.  About 350 projects were submitted and even one of our 4 year-olds submitted an independent project.  Community volunteers helped judged. One judge stated, “I was enlightened to see the amount of projects that the school had and impressed by the quality of projects”.  The awards ceremony is tomorrow for those students earning 1st and 2nd place. 

The gardening committee continued their work in the front of the school.  What a difference it has made.  Thank you to all the gardeners.

Also last week, the library was transformed for the upcoming book fair.  It is quite impressive to see so many books available for all ages and different languages. 

Tomorrow everyone wears pjs.  I will do my best to send pictures.