Saturday, April 16, 2016


The carnival last Friday night was a blast! There were so many wonderful activities for the students to participate in and a fabulous silent auction for the adults. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but had heard so many wonderful things about the carnival. Boy, were they right! It was fabulous! I loved watching the flurry of activity as students moved the hamster balls up and down the track,

rode the mechanical bull, climbed the rock wall,

avoided the joust arm (some did not), completed the obstacle course,
and played with the super cute animals.


There was also some really delicious food. Look at the size of this pizza!

Overall, it was just a fantastic time! Even with the confetti eggs smashed into the top of my head! :-)

One of the other awesome parts of the carnival was the silent auction. We had so many great donations for restaurants and activities and some beautiful pieces of artwork to bid on. Click below to see all of the student artwork that was auctioned off: (

Thank you so much to the dozens and dozens of volunteers that helped to organize such a wonderful event for our families!