Friday, January 17, 2014

Last Saturday OHE hosted our annual Family Fun Run.  Students, parents, and faculty ran over 1408 laps,  which is about 352 miles!  Business partners helped with prizes, food, and first aide.  It is one of my favorite events.  This year we had an announcer and music which made the event seem very professional.  I encourage you to do it next year.  It is typically the first weekend after we return from winter break.

One of the prize winners...
 One of our prize winners already practicing...

 Even previous students came back to run...
 Yea, Woytek family.
 That's me with 17 of those laps and Mrs. Baxter giving out dots.

Remember the 3rd grade book drive in December?  The 3rd graders presented their book donations to Book Spring and Posada Esperanza on Monday.  The organizations were so thankful and stated it was the  largest school donation they have received!  Thank you for your support.

Have you ever heard of the Mobile Planetarium?  It is like a huge bubble that displays different space concepts on the ceiling of the bubble.  Students sit in the bubble and get to observe actual events in space.  It is a neat experience that students enjoy.  It was here on campus this week and 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders participated.

Below is Mrs. Faulkner's and Mrs. Hamburger's class in side the Mobile Planetarium

Next week is No Name Calling Week and the "No Place for Hate" Student Coalition has come up with lots of activities.  Make sure you ask your child about it and there should be more information about it in Sunday's Eagle Eye.

Don't forget Monday is a holiday - so see everyone back here on Tuesday.