Friday, October 11, 2013

Today was the first Student Council Meeting.  This is when the new officers are sworn into office.  The neat thing about this event is that the Past Student Council President swears in the New Student Council President.  It is always fun to see previous students.  Thanks Kael for coming back.  Stay stunned for this year’s Spirit Days.  There are some great ones!

Earlier this morning one of our parents sent the following email related to our OHE gardens.  Because I know the hard work that has gone into and continues to go into these gardens, I thought it was important to share.  “Dropping my kindergartener off at Assembly today gave me the chance to pause at some of the beautiful native gardens by the main building. I love how bright and beautiful blue mistflower gets this time of year, and looking at it made me wonder if there was tropical milkweed as well since the mistflower is a food plant for Monarch butterflies, but the milkweed is a food plant for the Monarch caterpillars. Lo and behold, not only did you have the milkweed a couple of plants over but there were several caterpillars chowing down! They were big and plump and will be heading to chrysalis stage soon. I took a couple of shots to share with family and thought I'd share with you in case there was a way to let teachers and students know to keep an eye out (attached). It's Monarch migration season and they are on the decline this year. It is fantastic that Oak Hill's gardens are helping this population as they move south to their wintering grounds in Michoacán, Mexico! Way to go Oak Hill Elementary and the parent volunteers who made these gardens possible!”  Thank you Grounds Committee, Gardening Club, and Teachers.

Monday is Parent Conference Day.  If you haven’t scheduled your conference time, please get with your child’s teacher.  We will see you back on Tuesday.