Friday, October 19, 2012

Typically I eat lunch in the cafeteria with the students.  I enjoy listening to the students.  Sometimes I just listen to them speaking with one another and sometimes they will ask my questions.  It is through these conversations that I identify how students feel about school. 
My first year here, I made a rule that if the entire grade level had to participate in an activities or the activity couldn’t be done.  Unfortunately, I made that rule after some classes had started a buddy program with another grade level.  That day when I walked into the cafeteria and sat with a class of students, I was bombarded with questions as to why they couldn’t work with their buddies. They told me how much they enjoyed reading together and helping the younger students.   I saw how upset they were by my rule and quickly changed the policy. 
Other times I will walk into the cafeteria, and the students will start asking where I have been.  That tells me I need to my meetings, get out of my office, and walk into the classrooms.
My favorite conversations are when students talk to me about what they are learning.  This week as I sat with Mrs. Dillon’s class for lunch the students were wearing badges.  The students explained that they were learning mysteries and they were identifying different parts of the stories.   The badges were to help them remember they were to be detectives and to document what they learned.  What a great way to motivate students . 
Next week is School Bus Safety week.  As a school, we will talk with students about bus safety.  Please help by reminding your children about the rules on the bus and the importance of being safe.   Also, next Friday is my next Principal’s Coffee.  The topic for the meeting will be on Special Education and what that means. 
Thank you and have a great weekend.