Friday, October 5, 2012

Do you ever sit back on a Friday and wonder where the week has gone?  That's what I did today as I sat down to write the blog.  It went so fast that I couldn’t even remember what we did this week. 
Luckily, I keep everything on the caledendar. 

Mrs. Baxter conducted all the GT testing for the new fall nominations.  Results should be in towards the end of the semester.

Hopefully some of you turned out for the Spirit Night at Mama Fu’s.  Twenty-five percent of your bill comes back to OHE.  So thank you.  The next Spirit Night is at Craig O’s.  A favorite of the students. 

The new student council was installed today.  The previous president, Calvin G. had the honor of installing the new president, Kael S.  Then Kael, installed all of the other members. 

Enjoy the nice “cool” weekend.