Friday, March 23, 2012

The week before testing can always be a little stressful, but here at OHE, we tried to have a little fun.
One of our kindergarten grandfathers is a beekeeper and brought his collection of bees for the kindergartners to observe.

They even were allowed to put on the correct safety gear.

Our kindergartners also performed their annual musical. It was a wonderful performance with lots of personalities.

As many of you have seen, the flags that represent the cultural backgrounds of our OHE students have all been displayed. (Each year we will update the flags with any new countries). During the assembly this morning with the help and support of the PTA's Our World, Our School committee, we kicked off the celebration. Each week with time permitting, a new country will be discussed. Today, we started with The United States of America. Interesting facts were presented like Americans made the first chocolate chip cookie and had the first man on the moon. The students like the cookie fact the best. We also had two girls, Audrey and Isabelle sing the National Anthem while another student, Gabby, accompanied them on the piano. It was an amazing performance.

Please remember that we are testing next week and visitors are not permitted on campus. Thank you.