Friday, March 9, 2012

In Mrs. Lagerquist's class yesterday. Presentations were made as part of a "Wax Museum" where students came to life as the people they studied.

Included were: Danica Patrick, Leonardo Da Vinci, John F. Kennedy, King Tut, Queen Elizabeth, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Adams and Helen Keller to name just a few!

Mrs. Nowakowski Grimm hosted a "Living Museum" with famous people from both the past and present.
Presentations were made to parents and other 3rd grade classes. As explained by a 3rd grade parent, "This was an awesome way to engage the students in history and LA with requirement to read, investigate and "live" people that have made significant contributions to society".

This morning in assembly, the OHE Student Council explained how with the A+ Federal Credit Union students could open savings accounts. The credit union will be here monthly in the mornings so students can make deposits. Please check the Eagle Eye for specific dates.

Also this morning in assembly, students were excited to see all of the flags hanging. It was fun to watch and listen to them as they entered the cafeteria. At lunch today, I was sitting next to a 1st grader. He asked, "Dr. Mitchell, do you know which flag that one is"? He was pointing to France, which I had just learned, so I said yes, France. He explained that France had a city named Paris and in Paris he had seen the Eiffel Tower. He then turned and pointed to "Italy" and said that is where I was born.

During lunch, I learned several things. First, the flags are going to be a great learning tool for the students. Second, many of our students have traveled and been able to experience the different cultures that make-up OHE and they are proud to share those experiences. Thank you PTA for helping to make this happen.

Have a safe and wonderful Spring Break. We will see you back on March 19th.