Saturday, August 28, 2010

It has been busy first week of school.  I have enjoyed meeting so many of the students.  Most of my days have been spent in the cafeterias. What amazing lunches the students bring - sushi, brisket, pasta, and homemade tortillas.  The wonderful aromas made my salads look pretty boring.

With fewer students, not quite 800 and 14 less buses, many of the school's procedures have been modified to better accommodate the students, like all students waiting in the main cafeteria prior to 7:30.  I know this has caused some confusion and next week a Back-to-School letter will be sent out explaining the new procedures.  

Friday was our first assembly.  Although a tad crowded, it was great to see all the students.  We will work throughout the week to better organize the students.  Since teachers are not on duty until 7:30, Mrs. McDonald and I are quickly teaching the students the new routines.  On Monday, the seating assignments will change and student will actually sit by teacher name.  We would love to have some parents helping us.  Find me on Monday if you would like to help.  

As I watched the news last night, it indicated there might be rain next week.  Please discuss with your child what to do on rainy days.  If something different happens, send notes to the teacher so that your child is dismissed in the correct place.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.