Friday, May 26, 2017

Austin Ed Fund Grant & Kinder Migration

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
This week we learned that Ms. Hernandez, one of our 1st grade teachers, won a grant for $8,500 from the Austin Education Fund for literacy. This money will be used to provide programs that provide phonics instruction to students in a hands-on and meaningful way.  Ms. Hernandez and a few other teachers have already been using this program in their classes and the students love it! They have learned so much! We are excited to share this wonderful program with all of K-2 students next year! Thank you so much to Ms. Hernandez and to Beth Thornton for working together to submit this grant.

On Thursday this week, we had our Kinder migration. This is always a highlight of the year as we watch our Kindergarten students migrate to the big building. They all looked so cute in their graduation caps and their butterfly wings. I think their smiles were the best part though! They were definitely excited! 


I hope you all enjoy this extra long weekend! We only have 3 more days of school, but they are packed full of activities! See you on Tuesday!