Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! It's fun at OHE!

Shiver me timbers! We had a flurry of activity last week with our "Bookaneer" Book Fair. All week students shopped their hearts out and bought a bounty of books to read. We also had great family nights, where we had people dress like a pirate and the Soaring Eagle singers performed for us!



Of course, no book fair would be complete without Clifford! Book fair is a big event and we truly appreciate all of the support from our parents and community, whether it be through purchases or volunteering to help in some way. We could not do this without all hands on deck!

Have you seen our new garden beds? They look amazing!

Through part of our recent Lowe's grant, we were able to purchase watering ollas and new garden beds. We had several groups of volunteers who spent countless hours assembling the beds. 

Then the students planted and have been tending to their gardens to make sure their plants grow. Look at these amazing results!

I sure hope if some class makes a salad that they invite me to try it out! Looks healthy and delicious!

Second grade had a visit this week from a meteorologist from Zack Shields of Fox 7 Austin. The students learned a lot about weather and how clouds and lightning form. I think some of them might want to be meteorologists now!

The rest of this week is rather quiet, but as always, it will be a great week at OHE!