Sunday, February 21, 2016

Enrichment Activities

We had fun enrichment activities going on this week! Kindergarten started the week by going on a field trip to the Austin Science and Nature center. They had a blast at Austin nature center digging up dinosaur bones, learning about wildlife, exploring habitats, and investigating fossils from long ago. I love watching Kindergarteners as they explore and learn.  Look how cute they are in all of these photos!


Later in the week, the 5th graders enjoyed a visit from a Zachary Scott Theatre acting teacher and experienced learning through drama.  Students learned about character traits through role play, elements of a musical compared to a traditional play and how the music along with pattern of the music impacts the story.  They learned about individual interpretation of music through movement and the role of a director and the numerous decisions that are made by the director. Lastly, they experienced how actors use their body, imagination and voice to work their magic. It looks like the 5th graders are having so much fun experiencing learning through drama, music, and movement. 




This week, we continue with our Middle of the Year benchmark testing for 3rd and 4th grades. 5th grade completed some of their testing this week and will take their last test this Friday. We use this data to help our students fill in the gaps in their learning so that they are well prepared to move to the next grade level. I'm always excited to see how well they do and how much they know. They are so smart!