Sunday, January 31, 2016

Country Flags, the People We Meet and Box Tops

Oak Hill prides itself on its cultural inclusiveness and one of the ways we celebrate this is through our country flags in the cafeteria. Each week a country is highlights at our Friday assembly. The students see the flag and learn facts about the countries such as where it is in the world in relation to Oak Hill, what language they speak, and important foods and customs.  They view a short presentation that shows them various pictures of important items from the country. The students love learning about each country and seeing all of the pictures from that country. You should come one Friday to listen to all of the oohs and aahs as they view the various places.  Our new flags this year are:  Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Cuba, Ethiopia, Catalonia, Iraq, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

In all, we have 76 countries represented. We truly are a multicultural school! You can view the country presentations here on our YouTube channel.

This week, the PreK/PPCD students learned about "People We Meet." They had an auto mechanic come to visit the class.   He showed them how to change a tire on a car, and they got to have a look at the car engine,  the car battery, and where the oil goes. The students had a great time learning about cars.

We also had the first box top store on Friday! Students who brought in box tops were able to go shop in the library for T-shirts, books, pencils, erasers, and various trinkets. It was quite busy! You can continue to bring in box tops for future shopping and to help your child's grade level win the grade level contest. Currently, Kindergarten is in 3rd place, Fourth grade in 2nd place, and Fifth grade is in 1st place, but it's a very tight race and still anyone's contest to win.  Deadline is Feb. 19th for the contest.

This coming week, we will celebrate the 100th day of school on Wednesday, Feb 3rd. On Friday, it is National Wear Red Day for women's health. Get those red shirts out and save them for Friday! Looking forward to another great week of learning at OHE!