Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Principal of the Day

This principal of the day biz is tougher than I thought! First, we had to walk through the classrooms and check stuff off. Then, we had to check a million emails. Next, me and Ms.Anna saw what the Kindergardeners were up to. At 10:00 we checked more emails. 10:30, I went outside and had snack. 11:04, we had to calm down a four-year-old student from a fit that he had. 12:00, I had lunch and talked with friends. 12:30, I was on lunch duty. 12:55, I went to P.E. class. And finally, as I was writing this blog, I met the Associate Superintendent of AISD. It was a great day of learning how to be a principal.   -Ridley Ott